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Looking Back from 2057

Windows, The disposable operating system

How to get less spam

Who cares about computer viruses

Riding the 2nd wave

Microsoft: Caught between a Rock and a hard thing

Keeping Windows secure

Microsoft and the common man

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2012 Mar 08 - Peter RT @cryptogon: UK 'Must Plan for Euro Collapse'

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. -Henry Ford

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Six Box Leadership Some companies are good and some are bad. This system will show the bad ones where they are going wrong.

NEW Project Urban Escpe and Evasion Competitions Coming soon ...

NEW Project Construction Project Management System Coming soon ...

3D Laser scanner hight-map 3D Laser Scanning by Rapido 3D based in London.

Rare Books for sale RareList rare books, comics and manuscripts. Valuation service.

Female artists in Great Britain British Women Artists Showcase for art created by British Ladies

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